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Whether you need a brand new garage door installed or quick repair work, the professionals at Great Garage Door Company are here to help! The garage is one of the biggest moving parts in your home or business, so why wouldn’t you treat it with the care and diligence that goes with the rest of your property? We are seasoned veterans in the garage door industry, serving Shoreview MN and throughout Ramsey County for over 30 years. We aim to solve your garage problems quickly and effectively so you can get back on track with your day.

Garage Door Installation & Replacement

It is not always easy to tell if you need garage door repair or replacement. Sometimes a door is too far gone for saving. That is why our trained technicians can come to your building and give you an accurate and honest estimate on the work that needs to be done. We manufacture our own product line so you can rest assured there is no middle man when getting you the best products your home needs.

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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

When one spring breaks, it is important that all springs are replaced. Springs in different stages of their lifespan and lead to an unbalanced door, which can damage different moving parts in the garage. So what are some common signs you need broken spring repair in Shoreview MN? See some common themes below:

  • Your door slams shut when closing
  • The door is extremely heavy to move or doesn’t open and close smoothly
  • Any sort of unusual loud noise when the garage door is in motion

Garage Door Service & Repair

Even if you have a new door installed, it is possible it can wear down over time without proper maintenance and repair work. One of the most common problems homeowners run into with their garage door is broken spring repair. If you are in need of garage door service, including repair, installation, and more, call on the experts at Great Garage Door Company to provide sustainable garage solutions.

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