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Your garage door is something that you only give thought to when it seems like something is wrong. Until you start hearing unusual noises, or it ceases to open and close properly, you simply don’t give it a second thought. But there will come a point in the life of your garage door where the mechanical parts will inevitably need repair. In order to prevent a technical failure from catching you by surprise, watch out for these signs which can indicate future trouble:

Door Doesn’t Fully Close

When your garage door isn’t closing all the way, it could be a sign that the mechanism is beginning to fail. While it could be attributed to a simpler issue, such as a malfunctioning sensor due to the presence of debris, it’s important to address this sooner rather than later. Check the sensors first to see if they need to be cleaned off. If that doesn’t improve the problem, it could indicate a larger issue with the springs or cables. 

Delayed Opening and Closing

If it seems like your garage door is functioning much slower than usual, it’s possible that the tension in the door springs may be loosening. You will need a trained technician to diagnose this issue. Even slackened springs still contain significant tension and must be treated with care and caution, as they can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. If the springs are indeed slackening, your technician will be able to recommend whether they require a simple repair, or if they need a full replacement.

Significant Increase in Noise

You’ve probably been at someone’s house that has an extremely noisy garage door. A garage door that makes whirring, clunking sounds every time it moves is not pleasant to listen to, and there is likely a component that is about to fail. If your garage is suddenly making a lot of noise any time it functions, there is likely an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Even if it seems like it could be a simple fix, you don’t want to take any chances with such a large mechanism unless you’re trained to do so. Calling in the experts, like the team at Great Garage Door Co., will go a long way in getting the problem taken care of quickly, efficiently, and safely.

A garage door mechanism is never something you should attempt to fix on your own. Unless you’re a trained professional yourself, you’ll always want to call in the experts to make any adjustments to the mechanism in your garage door. Great Garage Door Co. provides service, repair, and installation services to residents across the Twin Cities. As the #1 garage door company in the area, we’ll get your door back up and running in no time.

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